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Beautiful Landscape Installation in Western North Carolina

Gardens and landscapes are becoming more personal, interactive and relaxed.  Landscapes may still include formal elements, however, we strongly encourage the use of a more diverse palette of plants, both

Every landscaper’s style and approach are different. It is important to make sure you can communicate clearly and work well together with any landscaper you choose.  For these reasons, we do our best to communicate clearly throughout the process, from initial interview, reviews,  scheduling, installation and maintenance.

Once we have agreed upon a project, we will get measurements, define issues both obvious and potential, begin work on designs and plans, and set a schedule and a payment plan.  

We will need to locate your service and water lines, and it can be helpful to see plot or survey drawings if they are available.

We are strongly committed to working within your budget, problem-solving, providing clear explanation of the plans and following up on the details.

natural stone bench
dwarf conifer. tree and shrub installation
hardscape changes for landscape
building a stone wall
custom landscaping on site
underground rain catchment system
building a garden fountain

Transforming Landscapes


small entrance garden before
creating a natural water feature



small asian style garden for residential property
water management in natural landscape


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