plants plants Aster 'Raydons Favorite' Bountiful fall bloomer, good filler plant, spreads 182896694 Salvia leucanthe, Mexican salvia Annual in the mountains, heavy fall blooms good late pollinator works well with the black-eyed susan and Knockout Roses 182896695 Caryopteris cultivar Used for fall color especially with Autumn Joy sedums 182896696 Cephlotaxus prostrata Low growing evergreen for shade and works well with variegated doghobble or cranesbill geranium 182896697 Chamaecyparis obtusa tetragona aurea Verly slow growing conifer 182896698 Flame azaleas and rhododendron A grouping of native plants heading for a landscape in the mountains 182896699 Bottlebrush buckeye Useful native for moist partial shade; excellent pollinator 182896700 Pieris japonica cultivars Many varieties available, both large and low growing. Provides year round interest, blooms early spring. 182896701 Bog pitcher plants native and cultivars produced in NC nursery. 182896702 182896703 182896704 182896706 182896707 182896708 182896709 182896710 182896711 182896712 182896713 182896714 182896715 182896716 182896717 182896718 182896719 182896720 182896721 182896722 182896723 182896724